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The Only Constant In Life Is Change.

Why Market Research Matters More Than Ever.

The Role Of Market Research In The New Digital Age.

Digital is now incorporated into our everyday lives and is with us wherever we are. It's a part of how we stay in touch, express our feelings and socialise. It also helps with staying fit, keeping us safe, running our homes, driving our cars, buying our groceries and providing media on demand. Physical systems and people are increasingly connected and mirrored into a virtual space. Our market research methods and digital capabilities address emerging trends and consumer attitude change within this brave new digital world.

This Digital Revolution Has Created A Fundamental Change In How People Connect.

Being an innovative market research agency, we recognise and understand these trends in consumer behaviour, and incorporate them in to the heart of our research and digital capabilities..

  • As consumers we multi-task across screens, we grab information on the go, we record our favourite moments, we tell our friends and our networks.
  • We seek on-demand entertainment, things come to us (think Netflix!).
  • We started with texting, then we shared images and now we video ourselves and share our live experiences.
  • TikTok makes stars…
  • We no longer "do" appointments, Zoom has become a verb.
  • We absorb information in bite-sized chunks.
  • We have lower attention spans – we digest so much content every day, we engage fast, respond fast – we buy with a click.
  • Rarely do we spend any time doing nothing, get bored.


And Our Clients Are Operating In Increasingly Demanding Markets.

Core challenges we see are:

  • Merging markets
  • Growth of online
  • Fast turn-around
  • Data analytics
  • Customer experience
  • Innovate at pace
  • Agile processes
  • New channels
  • The rise and constantly evolving role of digital campaigns


What We Offer

T garage Market Research Process

Our market research process is designed to integrate research into how people live their lives, giving you richer, on-demand insights.

Introducing InsightIQ our powerful research community and market research platform

InsightIQ Innovates Market Research Methods

The market research platform has an extensive range of online methodologies that can be leveraged for all your tactical and strategic market research needs delivering valuable online data sources in marketing research. Delivering more than the standard consumer research tools, such as online polls, focused forum discussions, bulletin boards, photo galleries, survey design and market research survey tools, etc. InsightIQ delivers on all qualitative research methods and quantitative research methods.



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Longitudinal Quantitative
Smartphone Diaries



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