what we offer

What We Offer

We bring our unique methods & expertise across the complete marketing cycle.

Our approach to research blends online technology and innovative methodologies to get closer, than ever before, to the consumer truth!

Here are a few examples of business issues that we would love to tackle with you.

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Our Services

market mapping

Market Mapping

  • Demand Landscapes
  • U&A Segmentation
  • Consumer Immersion
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  • Platform Development
  • Co-Creation Workshops
  • New Product Development
  • Concept Test
  • Idea Pack Test
  • Sensory
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Case Study
shopper marketing

Shopper Marketing

  • Shopper Journey Mapping
  • Shopper Decision Hierarchy
  • Planogram Optimisation
  • Portfolio Architecture

Brand Strategy

  • Positioning Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Distinctive Assets


  • Communications Development
  • Communications & Activation Evaluation
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Custom Built Online Communities

Join over 20 leading Australian brands
who leverage the power of smarter,
faster and more engaging research.

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Access our engaged Consumer Community for your research needs

SaySo™, a community of thousands of engaged Australians ready to have a conversation with you! SaySo™ members are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of research activities from online surveys, online qualitative research, longitudinal research programs, product/service reviews and much more. SaySo™ has thousands of members and continues to grow.

Kmart and T garage have partnered on the Kmart Customer Community – an engaging platform where Kmart connects with its customers to better understand them and to be able to directly feed back into the business on a wide range of topics, in a timely manner. Using a range of research tools and new and emerging research technology, the community empowers Kmart to be able to make better decisions, grounded in the voice of the customer. In addition to this, T garage and Kmart have built a customised portal as a ‘one-stop shop’ where Kmart stakeholders can come to access reports, resources and customer updates. As well as showcasing the great work the Kmart insights team produces, it is an easy way to share research and information around the business. The portal also has the ability to give real time access to customer opinions and results as they happen via the community, and helps to further integrate insights into the business.
Vanessa Riedl, Customer Insights Manager, Kmart Marketing
We have used the T garage approach for a lot of things. We started leveraging it for our category and brand planning, and from there, we used it to formulate our three-year brand strategies. We also shared the results with the retailers to get all our customers on board and fully engaged with our plan. So, for us, it has benefited the whole business and having insights at the starting point of our journey has been powerful.
Hamish McKenzie, Former National Account Manager for Asahi.

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