T garage Insight IQ diagnostic blends traditional qualitative approaches and thinking with the latest online approaches to unearth richer insights

T garage Insight IQ™ diagnostic allows you to:

  • Schedule and moderate online forums for specific projects and insight requirements or conduct longitudinal online forums to measure sentiment over time
  • Online ethnography via video and photo upload technology
  • Online consumer collaging
  • Consumer diaries with video and photo upload technology
  • Video consumer 'Vox Pops'
  • Video product reviews

Using T garage Insight IQ™, access a sophisticated range of quantitative surveying, polls and analytics tools

  • Build your own surveys or work with our experienced team to co-create the right surveys to solve your business issues
  • T garage Insight IQ™ utilises a range of question and answer formats to maximise respondent engagement
  • Ability to upload and test rich media, from TVC's, new product concepts and more
  • T garage Insight IQ™ provides a suite of analytics tools to run sophisticated analysis from cross tabulations and graphical charting and much more

Capture real time in the moment consumer behaviour and experiences via T garage Insight IQ's smartphone technology

  • Access your consumers and customers behaviours and attitudes in real-time - giving better quality results through the recording of information
  • Provide rich shopping experience insights
  • Better understand the purchase occasion and consumption occasion
  • Gain real time customer satisfaction insights as the customer experiences it first hand
  • Features include
    • A flexible platform to conduct surveys, polls, online chat sessions and diary's to meet any research requirements
    • Dynamic mobile ethnography
    • GPS tracking capability
    • Capture product purchase information seamlessly through integrated access to nationwide GS1 barcode database.
    • Video and Image upload capability

Types of research we do

Brand Strategy

Combining senior level brand marketing experience and insights expertise to map out a compelling path for your brand

  • Market segmentation
  • Brand positioning
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Growth strategy development


Co-create with your consumers and develop, refine and plan a solid new product funnel

  • Co-creation/idea sparking
  • Idea screening
  • Concept and product testing
  • Product bundle development


Be the leader in your category. Leverage our In The Moment mobile platform, with GPS, barcode scanning and rich media capability

  • Shopper safaris
  • Planning process
  • Purchase decision hierarchy
  • Purchase drivers & barriers
  • Category strategy development
  • Point of sale effectiveness


Develop a sound creative strategy and test communication concepts

  • Creative Strategy Optimisation
  • Pre and Post Ad testing

Brand health tracker & net promoter scores

Understand your brand health including the level of brand advocacy and determine which marketing levers will increase the power of your brand

  • Brand health tracking
  • Net Promoter tracker and associated drivers

The voice of the customer

See the world from your consumers perspective

  • Product reviews
  • Consumer immersion
  • In market activity audits
  • Competitor activity analysis
  • Mystery shopping

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